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"To be or not to be a Rhino" - the book

The story of a French chef during his first 10 years in business with over 50 enterprises and still going strong as a Rhino.

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This book is about positive thinking. The first few words say it all, "positive thinking". Oh no, not another one! There are hundreds of books in England alone about positive thinking – from business books and personal testimonials to personal life stories – and they are all good, and are good references in many ways.

If you feel low and that nothing could get worse in your personal or business life, take five minutes to read any newspaper, or watch the news on TV or the internet. It is never good news; only bad things happening somewhere or to somebody in the world; even your sports team is losing, and the weather is not exactly the Spanish Costa del Sol.

This was only going to be a few pages of positive thinking for a Rhino Catering meeting; it is now my life experience in business as a Rhino during the last 10 years. I hope this will make you laugh and realise life is not that bad after all. Be happy. You only live once and money is not everything. To be or not to be a RHINO!

Click here to buy "To be or not to be a Rhino"

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